Mckamey Manor Personal Experience Essay

THINK YOU’RE PRETTY tough? Unruffled by blood and gore? We’ll see about that.

At McKamey Manor haunted house in San Diego, California each guest lives through their own personalised horror movie.

It’s been billed as the world’s scariest haunted house experience – and regularly reduces grown men to tears.

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Unlike a regular haunted house, no two visits are the same. The tour can last from four to seven hours, with only two guests permitted inside at any time. As it is a “fully interactive” experience, the monsters can touch you – but you can’t touch them.

To top it all off, you must be over 21 to enter, and on arrival you have to sign a waiver. And you come out looking a STATE.

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The theme changes yearly, but in the past participants have been tied up, forced to eat rotten eggs and touch tarantulas and snakes, all while being soaked in fake blood.

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And according to the Mail Online, around 24,000 people are on a waiting list to do just that.

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Founder Russ McKamey claims to have spent more than $500,000 on the attraction, and told the Mail Online that many people fail to make it all the way through.

Nothing is like what we do. It’s like living in your own horror movie. There are four different locations, which have been streamlined for hardcore fans, determined to make it through. The experience – and the challenges – are to prove what you can and can’t do.

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We don’t know about you guys, but we’re pretty sure of what we “can and can’t do”. And we can’t do this.

If you want to find out more (and see the slightly more disturbing pictures of the tour) check out the McKamey Manor website, or like them on Facebook - if you dare.

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"Oh my goodness, if you last a minute there you have my absolute and total respect."

After signing a waiver, undergoing a medical and psychological exam, and paying for the event with a bag of dog food, Brandon Vance walked into Mckamey Manor.

The waiver Vance signed gave those who work at McKamey Manor permission to use his fears against him.

We were able to speak with Vance less than 24 hours after he tapped out. Vance lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes. He said those minutes felt like hours and that the experience took a toll on his body.

"Something really weird medically happened to me. I couldn't stand up anymore, and that was just due to... I really don't know why... I think my equilibrium was off for some reason," said Vance.

The army reservist also signed a non-disclosure form, which makes it difficult for us to know exactly what happened inside McKamey Manor.

"I'm extremely tired. I'm very very sore. I have a few bruises. My knees are all scraped up and cut up. You know you're bear crawling on rocks and stuff... it is what it is."

Vance said there is nothing you can do to prepare for McKamey Manor, but added it's not a torture house like some think.

"After going through it, I never thought that my life was in danger... you know that nothing could have ever happened to you. They take very good care of you."

That is why Vance said he's ready for round two.

McKamey Manor is a three-phase extreme horror house that no one has ever completed. The final part is conducted somewhere in the Huntsville area on 16 acres of property. The Huntsville Police Department and the Madison County Sheriff's Office tell WHNT they've never heard of it and have no idea where it is.

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