Spelling Activities For 5th Grade Homework

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5th Grade Spelling Words & Activities

Check out these 5th grade spelling words and activities. Whether you're a home school teacher, a classroom teacher, or a parent who's interested in strengthening your own fifth grader's spelling skills, we think you'll find these resources to be very helpful.

List of 5th Grade Spelling Words

5th grade spelling words - A gigantic list of 300 words typically included in fifth grade spelling programs. Use these for making your own spelling word games, worksheets or extra oral practice. Here's a peek at a few of the words.

5th grade spelling bee words - A list of 100 words, arranged from easiest to most challenging. A good "short list" for your fifth graders to use and practice. Most of these words also appear on our master list of 300 words.

5th grade spelling lists - 3 more big lists from typical fifth grade math, science and social studies classes. Lots of great words for your students to learn!

NEW! Fifth Grade Writing Prompts

I've written two sets of engaging writing prompts, aligned with our fifth grade spelling word list.  Use these stimulating prompts anytime throughout the year for fun spelling and writing practice!

Set #1 - Twelve engaging prompts featuring a magic frog act, a birthday surprise, Different Day and nine more!

Set #2 - Twelve more writing prompts for 5th grade, featuring a sneaky mouse in the principal's office,  mysterious bubbles and more. 

Spelling Worksheets

New! Shoe Shenanigans - Great practice in identifying and correcting misspelled 5th grade spelling words in this story about shopping for shoes.

New!  A Snowy Situation - Give students valuable spelling AND vocabulary practice with this engaging worksheet.

Fun, Flexible Fifth Grade Worksheets - "Fish Net" and "Intersecting Synonyms" provide fun spelling practice with almost any spelling word!

Word Search Puzzle - Students identify incorrectly spelled words and find the correct ones in a unique puzzle. The worksheet is based on our fifth grade spelling word list.

So N "ICE" to Know You! - All the answers on this vocab page contain the letters ICE.

Croaky Meets the Plumber and Extra Letters Worksheets: Students chose the correctly spelled words to complete an interesting story or eliminate extra letters to solve a word puzzle.

Brain teasers for all abilities. Try our Level 1 or Level 2 puzzlers for new ways to help students think and spell!

Spelling Games & Activities

Missing Letters and In Between  - Two super-simple ways for students to practice spelling, develop their vocabulary and practice dictionary skills.

More Spelling Fun for Kids - New games to play on a Scrabble game board. Mumbo-jumbo, anyone?   

Fifty-Fifty - Fun word game for kids. Older students earn points as they engage in word play and spelling fun.

Here are two fun ideas to put some pizzazz into your weekly spelling bee quizzes. Try these spelling test games this week!

Spelling Bee Games - Try one of our new Silent Spelling Bee variations. A fun--and quiet--twist on  a classic game!

Another Spelling Bee Game - Students step up to victory as they help their team advance in this fun new game.

You May Also Enjoy...

Spelling Homework Ideas The more practice the better! 20 fabulous, flexible ideas for any list of weekly spelling words.

Spelling Word Games View our entire collection of interactive games for small and large groups of students. Spelling reinforcement can be fun!

Spelling Worksheets See the entire assortment of reproducible pages for spelling practice. Lots of formats from which to choose.

We have helpful spelling lessons, too, including this Step-By-Step lesson plan on those tricky IE/EI words.

AnyWord Spelling Practice Books - A wealth of worksheets, games and writing prompts for practicing any 5th grade spelling words. Use the pages over and over!

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I need to admit something. I do not believe in homework. I think that my job is to push students to learn to their potential during the school day. Homework in my class consists of taking home what you didn't finish in class that day. I should also tell you that I only teach reading, language arts, and science. In reading I expect my students to read every night, but I don't really consider that homework. The only subject I make an exception for is spelling.

In fifth grade, we have little to no time in our school day to devote toward spelling. This saddens me, because I consider spelling to be an important life skill. Spelling and handwriting were two of my favorite subjects in elementary school, but today, they are almost extinct. I remember getting points taken off for not having perfectly formed cursive letters. Now, the only standard I have for handwriting is "Can I read it?"

While handwriting is no longer taught at all, spelling has become more of a student-directed skill. My students get their spelling words on Monday, and it is up to them to learn them by Friday. On Thursday they turn in their homework assignment for the week. It is called Creative Spelling Homework. I like this assignment because it gives students some choice. I have been doing this with my students for years, but I was inspired to revamp it after seeing this post on The Organized Classroom Blog. Here's a freebie if you are interested. How does everyone else do spelling instruction in the upper grades?

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