Cn Blue Loner Plagiarized Essay

Shin Hae-chul Spews Venom Against CNBLUE

Posted : 2010-02-08 19:26

Updated : 2010-02-08 19:26

CNBLUE’s guitarist and lead singer Jung Yong-hwa, second from right, and three other members pose in this file photo. The group’s hit song “I’m a Loner” is accused of having copied indie band Ynot’s song. / Korea Times

By Cho Jae-hyon
Staff Reporter

Rocker Shin Hae-chul, well-known for his straightforward, savage criticism against social and pop culture issues, spewed venom again ― this time against four-member band CNBLUE.

Shin added fuel to ongoing disputes involving allegations that the group's hit song ``I'm a Loner'' off its debut album ``Bluetory'' is a copy of an indie band's song.

The hit song has been accused of having ``shocking similarities'' with an indie band Ynot's ``Blue Bird.''

The fast rising group's song swept the music charts after it was released in mid-January. CNBLUE's agency FNC Music has denied the allegations.

On his Web site, Shin posted sarcastic comments that slam CNBLUE for alleged plagiarism, Saturday.

``If the song (``I'm a Loner'') is not plagiarism, plagiarism will disappear in the world,'' Shin said.

He also said CNBLUE is not entitled to be called a ``band.''

``If CNBLUE is an indie band, a fly is a bird. If it's a real band, I will retire,'' he said.

His comments are igniting a fresh round of disputes not only over the plagiarism allegations but the appropriateness of Shin's remarks as well.

Internet users have posted lots of comments on his homepage and other Web sites.

The Ynot band members have threatened to file a complaint against CNBLUE if it does not make public its position about the plagiarism allegations.

CNBLUE is comprised of guitarist and lead singer Jung Yong-hwa, guitarist and vocalist Lee Jong-hyun, drummer Kang Min-hyuk and bass guitarist Lee Jung-shin.

신해철 표절 관련 씨엔블루 맹비난

사회적 이슈에 대해 독설을 아끼지 않았던 가수 신해철이 이번에는 신인밴드 '씨엔블루 (CNBLUE)'를 공격했다.

씨엔블루의 '외톨이야'가 인디밴드 와이낫의 '파랑새'를 표절했다는 의혹에 기름을 끼얹은 꼴인데, 와이낫 측은 '외톨이야'의 작곡가인 김도훈과 이상호에게 내용증명을 발송한 상태이며 씨엔블루 측도 법적 절차를 밟고 있는 것으로 알려졌다.

신해철은 6일 자신의 홈페이지에 '씨엔블루가 인디였나'라고 한 팬이 올린 글에 댓글을 남기며 "씨엔블루가 인디밴드면 파리가 새다" "씨엔블루가 진짜 밴드면 내가 은퇴한다"는 등의 거침없는 독설을 퍼부었다.

그는 "그 노래가 표절이 아니면 표절은 세상에서 사라진다"고 덧붙였다.

네티즌들은 신해철의 발언으로 표절공방은 물론 그의 발언의 타당성에 대해서도 논란을 벌이며 팽팽히 맞서고 있다. 네티즌들은 신해철 홈페이지와 다른 웹사이트들에 댓글을 올리며 공방을 벌였다.

씨엔블루는 기타리스트 겸 리드 싱어 정용화, 기타리스트 겸 보컬 리종현, 드러머 강민혁, 베이스 기타 이정신으로 구성돼 있다.

One week after their debut and being #1 in various charts, bad news hit the rookie band CN Blue as their single “I am a Loner” is said to sound similar with a song titled “Bluebird” from an indie band named Ynot?.

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CN Blue agency F&C Music via a telephone
interview with seoulntn says, “CN Blue just released their album and
start their activities, so sad that the band is hit by such accusation.
It’s not a plagiarism. We will release our official statement within
today”, he said.

Netizens have said that CN Blue’s “I am a Loner” sounds similar to indie band Ynot’s digital single “Bluebird” which was released on May 2008.

Previously, CN Blue leader Jung YongHwa gained his popularity after
his appearance in SBS Drama ‘You’re Beautiful” even before his band
official debut in Korea. CN Blue had their debut showcase on Jan
14,2010 and gained people’s attention since then.


Here’s a comparison of the 2 songs!

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