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Bound personal copies of graduate dissertations can be ordered through the Conservation Section of Acquisitions and Resource Management Services (ARMS) at Davidson Library. Graduate students might wish to obtain bound copies of their dissertations for themselves, their relations, or at the request of an academic department.

Please note- the initial filing of your dissertation with the Graduate Division is a separate process. For information on preparing and filing your dissertation with the Graduate Division, refer instead to the Filing Tutorial section of their website.

To order personal copies, you will need to print and complete a Dissertation Binding Form (PDF) (.doc version).  Completion of this form includes obtaining signed approval and a budget/recharge number from your department.  Because binding costs are charged to the approving department, students will need to reimburse their department for the cost of binding.  Personal copies currently cost $31 per bound volume.

You will also need to produce the printed copies of your dissertation. Use of 100% cotton bond paper is a preferred choice but not a requirement. You are responsible for ensuring that all pages are collated correctly. When ordering multiple copies it is helpful to ensure the separation between copies is clear. Manila envelopes or short paper boxes work well for this.

Bring printed copies of your dissertation and the completed Dissertation Binding Form to Davidson Library, room 1573. Dissertations are shipped to the UC Bindery once every four weeks and are normally returned to us a month thereafter; the specific schedule is linked below.  Bound copies of the dissertation will be sent to the student’s department via UCSB Campus Mail when they are returned.

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact David Howarter or Dela Ramboyong by phone at (805) 893-2584 or via email.

More Information:

Dissertations and theses are available in traditional hardbound, softbound, or unbound copies. (Archive-quality microfiche and microfilm versions are available for schools and libraries).


Available in 6”x9”, features blue hard cover with a stamped title on spine. Interior is printed on acid-free archival quality paper, 20 lb. weight. Ideal for library circulating collections and archives.


Available in 6”x9”, features blue soft cover with heavy-weight end-sheets; stamped title. Interior is printed on acid-free archival quality paper, 20 lb. weight. Even with soft binding, it’s still manufactured for long-term use.U

Unbound Dissertation Express format—for quick delivery

These shrink-wrapped sets of loose 8½”x11” pages (convenient for note taking) are the quickest way to obtain a printed dissertation or thesis. Delivered via Dissertation Express either to a participating library for pickup or direct to you. Fast, affordable, and yours to keep—an alternative to inter-library loan.

Delivery and Shipping Information


Shipping Method

Delivery Time*

Tracking Available

Inside United States 


Up to 5 days
2 days
1 day


Outside United States


Up to 10 days
Up to 5 days



*Orders are printed on demand and take approximately 2 weeks to produce prior to shipping. Unbound paper orders take 1-5 days to produce. Large orders may take longer.
For Authors – Milestone Editions

Authors are always entitled to copies of their own dissertations and theses with special pricing.
We offer Milestone Editions for Authors that replicate the Library of Congress holdings-printed in full color, with elegant black linen covers and embossed gold titles.

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