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What is Google? Where did this word come from? Let’s find it out. Google is named after the ‘googol’ which means ‘one with 100 “0”s’. Such a name reveals the main aim of the Google inventors to gather and work out as much information as possible and provide all users with the most comfortable and adequate search.

It is impossible to talk about Google and never mention the story of its creation. It is known, that in 1938 American mathematician Edward Kasner (1878–1955) was having a walk in the park with his little nephews and was discussing big numbers. While they were talking, they mentioned the number with one hundred “0”. One of the nephews suggested an idea to name it “googol”. In 1940 Edward Kasner together with James Newman wrote popular scientific book “New Names in Mathematics”, in which he told all math fans about the “googol”.

This term doesn’t have any theoretical or practical meaning. It became internationally famous only after the search engine was named after it. It is important to note that “Google” – is a trade mark, while “googol” is a number.

One of the creators of the Google search engine, Larry Page, once said “Google understands what you mean and it gives you exactly what you want!” Every day Google becomes more and more improved so as to provide all Internet users with the perfect search machine. A lot of qualified experts work on Google to make it perfect, while the rest on the Internet market are longing to make more and more money.

Thus, the situation is as following...

This page is about the Internet company. For the number, see Googol.

NASDAQ-100 Component
S&P 500 Component
Computer software
Telecoms equipment
When it was createdMenlo Park, California
(September 4, 1998 (1998-09-04))[1][2]
People who started itSergey Brin, Larry Page
HeadquartersMountain View, Mountain View, California, U.S.[3]
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleJoseph Bailey (Co-founder)
Eric Schmidt
(Executive Chairman)
Larry Page
(Co-founder & CEO)
Sergey Brin (Co-founder)
Things madeSeelist of Google products
Money earned US$ 59.82 billion (2013)[4]
Operating income US$ 13.96 billion (2013)[4]
Profit US$ 12.92 billion (2013)[4]
Total assets US$ 110.92 billion (2013)[4]
Total equity US$ 87.30 billion (2013)[4]
ParentAlphabet Inc.
SubsidiariesAdMob, DoubleClick, On2 Technologies, Picnik, YouTube, Zagat, Waze, Blogger, SlickLogin, Boston Dynamics, Bump, Nest Labs, DeepMind, WIMM One, VirusTotal, X, Motorola Mobility,, Google Store, Keyhole, Inc, Google China, ITA Software, ImageAmerica, Kaltix, FeedBurner, Nest Labs, Neotonic Software, PeakStream, Postini, Google Affiliate Network, DMarc Broadcasting, G Suite, Google Cloud Platform, GV, Endoxon, Google Energy, BufferBox, Google (Switzerland), Google (Ireland), Google (Canada), Google Voice
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Google Inc. is a multinational corporation from the United States. It is known for creating and running one of the largest search engines on the World Wide Web (WWW). Every day more than a billion (1,000,000,000) people use it. Google's headquarters (called the "Googleplex") is in Mountain View, California, part of the Silicon Valley.

Since September 2, 2015, Google is owned by a new holding company called Alphabet Inc, which has taken over some of Google's other projects, such as its driverlesscars. It is a public company that trades on the NASDAQ under the tickers GOOG and GOOGL.

Google's search engine can find pictures, videos, news, Usenet newsgroups, and things to buy online. By June 2004, Google had 4.28 billion web pages on its database, 880 million (880,000,000) pictures and 845 million (845,000,000) Usenet messages — six billion things.[source?] Google's American website has an Alexa rank of 1, meaning it is the most widely visited website in the world. It is so widely known that people are using the word "google" as a verb that means "to search for something on Google"; but because more than half of people on the web use it, "google" has been used to mean "to search the web".Parent company of google is ALPHABET.

History[change | change source]

Google was started in early 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two students at Stanford University, USA. It used to be called Backrub. They made it into a company, Google Inc., on September 7, 1998 at a friend's garage in Menlo Park, California. In February 1999, the company moved to 165 University Ave., Palo Alto, California, and then moved to another place called the Googleplex.

In September 2001, Google's rating system (PageRank, for saying which information is more helpful) got a U.S. Patent. The patent was to Stanford University, with Lawrence (Larry) Page as the inventor (the person who first had the idea).

Google makes a percentage of its money through America Online and InterActiveCorp. It has a special group known as the Partner Solutions Organization (PSO) which helps make contracts, helps making accounts better, and gives engineering help.

How Google makes money[change | change source]

Google makes money by advertising. People or companies who want people to buy their product, service, or ideas give Google money, and Google shows an advertisement to people Google thinks will click on the advertisement. Google only gets money when people click on the link, so it tries to know as much about people as possible to only show the advertisement to the "right people". It does this with Google Analytics, which sends data back to Google whenever someone visits a web site. From this and other data, Google makes a profile about the person, which it then uses to figure out which advertisements to show.

The name "Google"[change | change source]

The name "Google" is a misspelling of the word googol.[7][8]Milton Sirotta, nephew of U.S. mathematician Edward Kasner, made this word in 1938, for the number 1 followed by one hundred zeroes (). It is said that the word "googol" was chosen as a name for this number because it sounded like baby talk.[source?] Google uses this word because the company wants to make lots of stuff on the Web easy to find and use. Andy Bechtolsheim thought of the name.

The name for Google's main office, the "Googleplex," is a play on a different, even bigger number, the "googolplex", which is 1 followed by one googol of zeroes.

Google's products[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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A man signing in at Google's main office, Googleplex.
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