Public Schools Vs Private Schools Compare And Contrast Essay Thesis

Private Schools vs. Public Schools

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     Many people in today’s society believe it’s wise to send their children to private schools. In making the decision on whether to put children in public or private schools, they look to four main factors: curriculum, class size, the graduation rate, and cost. When people have to pay for something, their first thought is, “Will I be getting what I’m paying for?” With a private school education, the amount you have to pay is usually well worth it. Public schools offer diversity. Here students can find people who are just like them and can associate better. Wherever you live, you have to send your child to the closest school. There’s no choice on what public school you can send your child to, whereas for private schools you can pick to send your child there. It’s not an easy choice for parents to decide, but many factors point toward a guarantee that a good education would be achieved, which is most important.

      In general, private schools are more focused and dedicated to the education of children. Teachers in private schools often earn more and can be more dedicated when working with parents who are as equally dedicated to their children. Your school is an investment in your child’s future and not a decision to be made lightly. ( In public schools, students are inclined to misbehave because they feel that teachers don’t care about them anyway so they go in thinking that they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Private schools have their own curriculum and if it’s not being followed they don’t have to keep you in their school. With this curriculum come certain rules one must follow while being there. For teachers, some rules that apply are that they set their own standards. Teachers here don’t have a guideline that they all must follow. Each teacher is different and has their own way of teaching that doesn’t have to follow the other teachers way of teaching. In public schools, teachers have a certain curriculum to follow based on the school district in which they teach in.

     Class Size is another issue. In private schools there’s usually smaller classes, so students are getting more attention. This makes it better for the students because if they need help, then it’s easier to get help from the teachers and to be more focused because of less noise and easier for teachers to control their classrooms.

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Public schools have a very high student to a teacher ratio, which causes disruption to those who need the help and can’t be provided with it. ( In public schools there’s usually a large number of students in every classroom, so there’s a lot of side conversation, overcrowding and not enough seats for all students. Teachers can barely keep them under control and focus enough on studying. Although the government tries to give more funding for smaller class sizes most large school districts are still faced with overcrowding.

     One of the important things with the graduation percentages of schools depends on the students. The better the students, the higher percentage of graduates you’ll receive. With private schools, they can be selective in choosing students. They can kick out anyone who is disruptive to the learning experience. Students must apply and be chosen to attend private schools, they can’t just go because they want to go to the school. This way private schools can pick the “best of the best.” A lot of schools are competitive academically and by giving an entrance exam, it’s making it more competitive and thus producing more academically motivated students. Public school students don’t really care about getting a good education. They feel they’re just there because their parents made them go. That’s why graduation percentages are lower than that of private schools. There are more students wanting to learn, than not wanting to learn, but private schools don’t let them have that choice to not want to learn. If you are not producing in private schools, they can kick you out. In public schools, if you aren’t producing, they give you many chances or may even keep you in the school. ( This is why a lot of people feel that by paying for education you are more likely to receive a better one.

     Leading into the cost of private schools, a lot of parents don’t think it’s worth it. Every day more and more public schools are receiving more money, for better technology, for programs, and for the school. They receive money through local, federal, and state taxes. That’s why low income neighborhoods don’t always have the newest technology or as much money going into their schools and that’s why some people in neighborhoods as that, look to private schools because they feel their child will be well educated and safe. The cost for public schools can be pretty close to that of private schools through clothes, supplies, and transportation. Parents pay for some of the same things. The only difference is that one is paying for the education. Private schools prove to be worth the money. Not only are students receiving a good education, but they’re learning good morals that are instilled in these schools. According to the National Association of Independent Schools, the median tuition for private day schools in the United States is close to $12,000 for grades one to three, $13,000 for grades six to eight and $15,000 for grades nine to 12...the median tuition for boarding schools is $12,000 for grades one to three, $27,000 for grades six to nine, and $28,000 for grades nine to 12. Parochial schools generally charge somewhat less. (

     For my parents, putting me in a private school was the best decision they’ve made. I got a good education, but most of all I learned to be respectful and good moral skills, things that you don’t always get from a public school. Even though some people would think that public schools can offer the same educational advances, and yes that is correct in some areas that have a lot of money going into the school, but it doesn’t apply to all public schools. Smaller class sizes, increased parent involvement, the support of a campus ministry department, the privilege of teaching students who are motivated to succeed, and the freedom to explore one's own personal teaching style are some of the benefits of a position in a private school. (

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Private vs Public Schools


Education is a vital determinant for the social and economic development of a nation. The quality of education enhances the quality of human resources of a nation. Both developed and developing countries understand the significance of education sector that’s why governments set off resources to ameliorate education sector. Privatization’s intervention in education sector comes apart this sector too. Now there are two main segments of this sector; first is public education and second is private education. Education provided through public school, is governed and managed by local bodies or provincial government. On the other hand, education’s provision through private schools is provided and managed by private groups, charities or missionaries.

Public vs Private Schools:

Before analyzing public and private schools through comparative analysis, it is important to set out with standard variables like management practices, teacher’s leadership qualities and physical facilities provided in both public and private schools. Through these common variables it would be easy to examine the two main segments of the education sector. While doing comparative analysis on the subject; public vs private schools, certain findings have been found. These findings are as follows:

  • Building and structure:
  • Public schools are bigger in size and having standardized and open buildings but private schools do not have intention to build huge structure. Private schools have philosophy that small classroom size is helpful for teachers to manage and focus properly on students.

  • Qualified teachers:
  • Public schools have trained, permanent and highly qualified teachers, because teachers are hired through proper channel and after certain scrutinized process. Private schools do not have such critical process of hiring a teacher. Thus they have untrained and less qualified teachers.

  • Basic facilities:
  • In public sector schools, facilities like library, building, furniture, hall and utilities like gas, water supply and electricity these all are provided by government. While private sector schools have to bear all costs themselves. These costs make them expensive and only those who have sound financial resources can afford private schools.

  • Standardized curriculum:
  • There is standardized curriculum in public sector school. Government has motive to bring about such system that everyone gets equal level of education. Education is free up to matriculation level in public sector schools. On the other hand, private sector schools lay down their own curriculum according to their preferences and they have penchant for setting out contemporary subjects.

  • Concept of Welfare:
  • Governmental provision of free education to people is merely possible through public sector schools. Government utilizes the money of taxpayers to provide at-no-cost education. Private schools do not have welfare concept. Essentially Such schools are profit-oriented institutions.


After analyzing both public and private schools, one thing which is applicable to both types of school is; student’s hardworking, determination and will can make the actual difference. If student do not show his intention, public or private schools cannot play any role to add to good grades. Private and public both type of schools provide enough opportunities to students. Ratio of success increases when students grab these opportunities.

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