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Back in May, I wrote an article giving my opinion on some of the best HDTVs you can purchase for gaming. Since then, I have graded over a hundred new displays from several manufacturers for input lag, and have narrowed down my selection to what I believe are some of the best HDTVs you can purchase right now. With the imminent release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, I’m sure many of you are looking to upgrade your setup to accommodate these exciting new consoles, and it is important to have a HDTV with low input lag to maximize your enjoyment. Without further ado, here are my top HDTV picks:


Best HDTV Overall:


2013 Sony KDL-55W900A

Without a doubt, the Sony W900A is my favorite HDTV of 2013. Not only does it feature a blistering fast 19ms input lag rating (which qualifies under our highest excellent rating), but it is also one of the best HDTVs you can buy when it comes to picture quality. This 1080p HDTV features a native 240hz panel with Motionflow Impulse capabilities. Impulse allows you to switch the HDTV to a strobing backlight, dramatically reducing motion blur that is commonly associated with LED HDTVs. While it will dim your picture, it’s an excellent option for Sony to include into their HDTV, as some people absolutely despise motion blur. The W900A also features local dimming to increase contrast ratios by dimming the backlight on dark parts of the screen, a feature that’s standard on higher end HDTVs. Expect deep, vivid colors and contrast that is far better than most other LED HDTVs, comparable to some of the top plasma HDTVs in the price range. It fully supports 3D content via its active 3D display, as well as 4 HDMI ports, a luxury that is diminishing in HDTVs as time progresses. Make no mistake, this HDTV will be an absolute joy to play on. Are you a serious Call of Duty player that must have excellent input response to frag instantaneously? Buy this TV. Do you enjoy playing fighting games like Street Fighter with your friends offline and tired of laggy big screen HDTVs? Buy this TV. The only downsides to this HDTV are its limited Smart TV functions, and that it only comes in a 55-inch size. I really wish the W900A series came in a larger size around 60-65″, as it would make it the ultimate gamer’s HDTV for years to come. Chances are, if you’re buying this HDTV, the Smart TV functions don’t matter anyway, because you already have a PS3/Xbox 360, and are about to invest in a PS4/Xbox One this fall. Check the latest price of the W900A on Amazon.


For Gamers Under $2,000:

2013 Sony KDL-55W802A

Yet another knockout from Sony, the W802 series looks strikingly similar to the W900A, however there are some key differences. The native 240hz Triluminos panel is replaced with a standard 1080p 120hz panel, and some advanced features like local dimming aren’t present in this model. However, the W802A boasts a slightly faster input lag rating over the W900A, clocking in at 17ms of input lag, falling under our excellent category as well! It features 4 HDMI ports, ensuring that you will be able to hook up all of your devices without the need for HDMI switches. The W802A also features Sony’s excellent Motionflow Impulse mode, allowing it to enable a strobing backlight to reduce motion blur significantly. If you don’t require the bells and whistles of the W900A when it comes to picture quality, the W802A is more than serviceable in this regard, still boasting a sharp picture regardless. Not to mention, this HDTV still features 3D capabilities for all of your 3D watching needs. If you’re a gamer that values extremely fast input lag but don’t want to break the bank, the W802A is definitely one of the top choices this year for a near-lagless display, beating out hundreds of displays in gaming response time. Check the latest price of the W802 on Amazon.


2013 LG 55LA7400

The 55LA7400 is certainly a great HDTV for gamers that have an open budget. It features a native 240hz panel complete with passive 3D functionality and a 1080p resolution. There are 3 HDMI connections available, which should be enough to connect all of your equipment. Compared to the Sony W802A, you are getting an input lag rating of 39ms, which places it into our ‘great’ category. While not quite as fast as the W802A, the LG makes up for it with it’s beautiful picture quality and plethora of customization options. This HDTV also features local dimming, a feature absent from the Sony W802A (but present in the W900A). One feature I love about LG HDTVs is that they come pre-programmed with ISF calibrated picture settings for those of you that value color accuracy. I believe this is a great HDTV to game on if you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of responsiveness from the Sony W802A, though it’ll still be great to play most games on regardless. Check the latest price of the LA7400 on Amazon.


For Gamers On A Budget:

2013 LG 32LN530B

LG has made some great gaming HDTVs this year, and have proven themselves to offer great value at various price points. One of these exceptional values is the 32LN530B. This 32-inch LED HDTV looks rather unimpressive at first glance, with its 720p resolution and 60hz refresh rate. But for what it lacks in technical specifications, it makes up for in its input lag rating of 28ms, outclassing many displays in our input lag database. It’s definitely an option to consider alongside Samsung’s excellent UN32EH4003 from last year. This LG HDTV features two HDMI inputs, so you can connect both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 if you need to. Check the latest price of the LN530B on Amazon.



2013 Toshiba 39L1350U

Its been a while since Toshiba made the list, and it’s nice to see them offering some budget-friendly solutions for those that want an affordable HDTV for gaming. This particular model is a 1080p HDTV operating at 60hz (120hz using Toshiba’s ClearScan technology), and surprisingly features Audyssey EQ functionality to get a little more impact from the sound. This HDTV features an input lag rating of 30ms, falling under our ‘great’ rating. It’s definitely one of the better performers when compared to other HDTVs in our database, comparable to Samsung’s great UN40F5000 which measured at 28ms of input lag. The L1350U offers 3 HDMI ports, which is great considering that most sub-$500 HDTVs come with only 2 HDMI inputs nowadays. There are no Smart TV functions to be found here, which shouldn’t be an issue for most gamers. The L1350U can be obtained in 23, 29, 32, 39, 50, and 58-inch sizes, though I recommend going no lower than the 39-inch due to its 1080p output. Check the latest price on Amazon.


For Gamers That Want BIG:

2013 Samsung UN75F6400

This thing is HUGE. Seriously, you have to see it in person to really appreciate it. The biggest problem I have with big HDTVs is that they tend to be much more laggy than their smaller counterparts. Fortunately, this is not the case with the 75-inch UN6400. Its input lag rating measured at 39ms, which is definitely way above average in this size range. This HDTV features micro-dimming features to boost contrast ratios, which will certainly come in handy when playing games like The Last of Us or the next generation of blockbuster titles. It comes fully equipped with an active 3D 120hz display running at 1080p resolution, as well as 4 HDMI inputs to connect all of your devices. If you’re looking for a large size HDTV that’s perfect for most video games, I highly recommend the UN756400 as one of your best gaming options. Check the latest price on Amazon.


This sums up part 2 of our HDTV buyer’s guide! If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to comment below.


PC monitors (see our monitor reviews) and TVs are almost identical devices. The differences between the two mostly lay in their design and connectivity. Monitors tend to focus on DisplayPort connectors, whilst TVs use HDMI. Otherwise, TVs also tend to integrate a tuner as well as speakers, which is either nonexistent or rare to find on monitors. The biggest things to consider are the TV's supported resolutions, its ability to display chroma 4:4:4 and the width of its viewing angle to avoid uniformity issues when sitting close. 

We've tested 42 TVs in 2017 and below are our recommendations for the best ones to use as a PC monitor, updated for the winter of 2018.

Best TV to use as a PC Monitor (40"- 43"): Sony KD43X720E

The best 4k TV to use as a PC monitor is the Sony XBR43X720E. Its wide viewing angle, low input lag and fast response time cover the basics of a PC monitor quite well.

It can't support a 120 Hz input, but it is capable of displaying full chroma 4:4:4, which is necessary for displaying sharp text. Scrolling web pages also look decently sharp and free of major trailing thanks to the X720E's low motion blur. Most importantly though, it feels very responsive to use with a mouse thanks to its low 19.8 ms of input lag.

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