Love At First Sight Expository Essay Structure

The concept of love at first sight is one that continues to be a debatable topic, because of the many controversial issues about love in the present day. A good source of primary information on factors that cause someone to fall in love at first sight is those who profess to have fallen in love with their significant other upon meeting them for the first time. One of the issues these individuals may state is when they first came into their significant other’s presence, they felt a tingling effect all over their bodies that made them excited to be at the same place as the person they were attracted to and had fallen in love with. The difference with the excitement of falling in love at first sight is that the sensation is stronger than they had experienced before, when they were infatuated with another individual.

The whole feeling of falling in love is highly emotional, because couples that have reported falling in love report having a strong emotional connection with their significant other. These couples also report getting to know more about the person they fell in love with in a shorter amount of time than when they got to know their other friends. Falling in love makes people want to know more about a significant other than those who they have spent a very long time knowing. One other interesting thing about falling in love at first sight is the feeling that one gets makes him or her want to profess their love to that individual the very first time they meet. The unwritten rule of love emphasizes that one should profess one’s loves to the other individual after a couple of dates, as well as after both parties feel they have known the other individual enough to be very comfortable around one another.

Love at first sight; however, makes one feel like saying he or she loves the other individual even before really getting to know the other individual. When one falls in love at first sight, one gets preoccupied with the other individual just hours after meeting the individual and always wants to spend a significant amount of time with that individual. One may also feel like telling the other individual everything about themselves. When one falls in love with another individual, the relationship with the other individual seems very easy to pursue and one finds it very easy to put up with the individual’s weaknesses. Those who fall in love quickly usually state they get worried or are deeply concerned about their significant other shortly after they have met that individual for the first time.

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Mar 6, 2014

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