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Homework is an assignment, given by a teacher to the student for individual accomplishment after classes. It is called to prevent forgetting new information that was obtained during classes, given that this information is hard for children to memorize. The main points of doing home tasks are:

  • learning the material through the use of textbooks;
  • fulfillment of various written and practical assignments;
  • writing compositions and other creative tasks;
  • preparation of different schemes and diagrams;
  • preparation of herbarium for biology classes;
  • organization of observations over the phenomena of nature, and over various experiments during Chemistry and Physics classes, etc.

The instructional methods, which promote the effectiveness of middle and high school homework and contribute to the stabilization of students' knowledge are the following:

  • during the process of the training activity, it is necessary to pay attention to those issues, which then will serve as the precondition for the successful accomplishment of home assignments;
  • not to reduce homework only to the reproducing activity, but also to include those questions and issues that require some thoughts and creative efforts from students;
  • as far as possible, it is useful to differentiate home tasks, to give additional assignments for those who demonstrate skills and intention for more enhanced studying of the subject;
  • to provide recommendations regarding the rational approach to the completion of home tasks;
  • to habituate students to the active reproductive performance of the learned material and self-control concerning the quality of its digestion.

Home assignments play the significant role in the development of independent educational skills of students. Systematic work of the student at home leads to the fact that the process of education becomes easier for the student; he receives the experience related to the search for information and learns how to complete the work efficiently without the need of help on the part of parents.

Home tasks have various functions, and the main one is the compensation of the student's knowledge and skills in the case when one has been ill for a long time and, as a result, missed rather complicated subject matters. The second function of homework is the stimulation of students' cognitive interest and willingness to know as much as possible. In this case, differentiated home assignments play an extremely positive role. The third function is the development of student's self-sufficiency, diligence, and responsibility for the completed assignment.

Sometimes, parents are willing to provide the child with school homework help. They write compositions, correct blunders, and by doing that they deprive their children of the enjoyment of personal achievements. Neither middle nor high school homework help forms the independence of thinking, responsibility for the assigned task and also, often misleads the student. The parents should understand that making the child's life easier is a disservice that will cause a lot of problems in future. The kid has to learn how to cope with difficulties and think independently.

Why then the issue of the home task accomplishment is a burning one? In the first place, it happens because children have different teachers and, at the same time, assignments for middle school students alongside with the tasks for high school students vary greatly. Every subject comprises its own specific requirements regarding the preparation of home tasks. If the student does not know them, he can meet great difficulties, which will be reflected in his educational results and emotional state. Secondly, the content of the given assignment itself is targeted at the development of the ability to argue, analyze, and draw the individual conclusions.

While helping your child, it is necessary to remember that such assignments should teach the student how to discourse, talk and advise with himself, without the presence of opponent or teacher debating a matter in mind and solving the conflict between the truth and the facts. Thus, when the child comes to you with the request like “help me with my school homework,” try to help your kid get to the answer without directly pointing it out.

The main intended purpose of the home assignment lies in the following points:

  • development of responsibility and self-encouragement;
  • acquirement of the skills concerning the educational labor, expressed in various methods of the academic work;
  • formation of the competence to get the necessary information from diverse reference books, textbooks or vocabularies;
  • formation of the research skills of the student (comparison, presupposition, construction of hypothesis, etc.).

Do not turn the fulfillment of the assignments by your child into the engines of torture. You will become a good school homework helper if you use the following methods:

  • form the positive motivation towards the fulfillment of the assignment and its long perspective;
  • encourage your kid for the well-done work; speak highly of him; rejoice at his results, connected with an excellent mark;
  • help your child to complete his task only in the case when he needs it;
  • model the culture of your child's intellectual labor; look for additional literature;
  • use the possibility of the additional and stimulating classes at the educations facility in order to lower the educational load at home;
  • consult with the teachers if you see that your child experiences some difficulties with the preparation of certain tasks;
  • think about the possibility to ask a tutor for help if the child has difficulties with one or several subjects.

Nowadays, schoolchildren in the whole world pass through the tremendous number of hours of studying. Paying attention to this fact, it is not surprising when the kids badly need help with their tasks. Is your child overloaded with home assignments? If your answer is positive and you together with your kid are looking for the homework help websites for high or middle school, then Pro-Papers is the best choice. Here, you can place an order and get a high-quality work done. Our team of qualified writers will complete your assignment with the observation of all your requirements. Do you still have some doubts? In case you need a professional help online or you have such thoughts as "do my math homework for me," do not hesitate and visit Here, our specialists will provide you with effective and quality help.

If you have any questions, we are always ready to assist you online 24/7.

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7 Websites Where Students Can Get Homework Help



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Online Homework Help Can Keep the Family Peace!

Homework has historically not been a student’s favorite use of time out of school.

Fortunately there are now some good websites students can use to reduce the amount of time spent on homework. Not only will these websites reduce the amount of time required to complete assignments, they’ll also potentially increase quality of the work.

This article will look at seven sites where you can get online help with your homework.

The site Student Questions provides an online forum where students can ask their questions, and members of the Student Questions online community can respond whether or not they’re interested and how much they charge for the help. Many helpers do so for free, but higher-level tutors, such as university graduate students, charge a nominal amount. This gives the student some choice in the quantity and quality of the response.

PATH is a student-oriented website; its name stands for “Pupils Ask, Teachers Help.” This is an excellent resource for students who are stuck on their homework and need help from someone with experience. It can be frustrating to not have a teacher’s guidance when one is at home and away from school. Best of all, it claims to be 100% free and offers a KnowledgeBank, plus online messaging and email service.

A subscription-based service, Brightstorm is a very comprehensive website with pricing starting at $9.99 per month. It covers an extensive listing of subjects, so students have a good chance of finding something relevant to their homework. In addition, video tutorials are linked to popular textbooks used in many schools, and there’s video test prep. Video is a good tool for auditory learners, so Brightstorm might be a good homework help website choice if that’s your or your child’s preferred learning method.

For more extensive tutoring, At Home Tuition provides students with a variety of packages. Although more expensive, At Home Tuition goes beyond simple answers to a particular problem, to general teaching in subjects ranging from the sciences to humanities and everything in between.

Algebra Homework Help, as the name implies, is a site to help students with math problems. The site is totally free and calls itself the “People’s Math Website,” but that means there are lots of ads to weed through to get to the nicely arranged list of math topics. That said, it’s nice to see free help from tutors along with the standard tutorials.

An annual membership fee as low as $29 provides membership in Hotmath, another math-based website for students at home who are having challenges with their studies. The website claims to support over 300 math textbooks, working through to the correct answer for all problems. For a slightly higher fee, specific problem answers not in the covered textbooks and online tutoring are also available.

Chegg is also a membership-based homework help provider for math that also includes science and engineering. The site says fees cover unlimited access to 2.5 million solutions from the most popular textbooks. Interestingly, they also offer a textbook buyback program, and have an active used book selling service.

Good Homework Help for More Play, Bigger Smiles

With this wide range of help options, students can complete higher quality homework assignments more quickly, giving them lots more time for fun!

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