Deductive Order Essay

Writing a deductive essay involves utilizing deductive reasoning in order to draw a conclusion and then guide the reader through the process that you used to come to that conclusion.  Therefore, in order to understand how to write a deductive essay, you must first have a solid understanding of the deductive reasoning process.

In order to conduct deductive reasoning, you must use certain circumstances or clues to help you develop an assumption.  Therefore, you need to consider a variety of different factors and then you must weigh these factors against the knowledge that you already possess.  As such, there are three basic components to deductive reasoning: the premise, the evidence, and the conclusion.

The basic premise is based on factual information while the evidence helps you draw your conclusion.  For example, your premise might be a fact such as "all cats are animals".  The evidence might be that "Snowball is a cat."  Using deductive reasoning, you can then assume that "Snowball is an animal."

When completing deductive essays, you'll utilize this same concept at a much larger scale.  Nonetheless, the basic premise is the same.  Within your work, you'll present the factual information as your premise first and then you'll introduce the evidence that helps you draw the conclusion.  

In many cases, a deductive essay may have several potential conclusions.  For example, if you see that the street outside is wet, there are many possible reasons, though the most logical reason would be that it has recently rained.  In most cases, it's best to focus the report on the conclusion that makes the most sense even if there are several potential explanations.  By discussing all of the potential conclusions, the report will usually lose its focus and have less of an impact on a reader.  

It is important to note that a deductive essay isn't necessarily foolproof.  In the case of the wet street, for example, there's a possibility that a street cleaning crew drove through recently or that a large water tanker spilled its contents.  The same is true with your deductive paper.  The conclusion that you draw is simply meant to be the most reasonable conclusion, but not necessarily the only one that can be drawn.

The key to presenting a strong argument when completing a deductive reasoning essay is to present solid evidence to support the deduction you have made.  This information should be fact-based and backed by solid evidence, though some of it may be based on your personal experiences, as well.

A deductive essay should include a strong introduction and conclusion.  The introduction should grab the reader's attention and briefly state the conclusion you'll be drawing with your document.  The body of the document should then go on to explain how you drew that conclusion (including the evidence that you have to back your conclusion), while the summary will restate your position and summarize the deductions that you have made.

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A deductive essay is a specific method of evaluating the academic achievements of students in many different subjects. The key peculiarity of a deductive essay is that it must show the ability of the author to use the provided information to come to a logical conclusion, which will represent a total piece of information.

The essay of this type should be structured in the way it reflects the process of deductive reasoning:

  • Introduction states the topic and thesis, attracting the reader’s attention.
  • The first paragraph of the main body describes the set of premises (the initial generally accepted information or clues, which are further used as a basis for reasoning).
  • The second paragraph focuses on the evidence, the piece of information you are analyzing in order to correlate it with premises.
  • The analysis finally results in a deductive conclusion, which is a balance of the evidence against the premises.
  • The final paragraph of the essay contains the restated thesis and the deductive conclusion.

An important feature of the deductive essay is its sharp focus and clarity. The paragraphs must be very clearly organized, discussing one particular issue and providing examples, details and explanation why the deductive conclusion is as it is. The support must be very strong and well-organized, as the failure to provide clear supporting arguments will make the conclusion look far-fetched and unrealistic.

Topics for deductive essays often seem to include comparison (Love vs. Habit, Democracy vs. Totalitarism), however, one must be careful in order not to confuse the two types of writing, as the question here is not in the issue of whether love and habits are similar or different, but in the deduction of why love cannot be a habit or vice versa.

Example of deductive essay written in the proper manner can be found here.

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